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door JensenBreck
09 okt 2017, 16:29
Forum: Techniek
Onderwerp: How Long Has Your Equipment Lasted?
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How Long Has Your Equipment Lasted?

Hello, The members of this site have a huge experience with equipment. Many of us have had fish tanks for years, some for decades. Low-quality sucks, we want equipment that lasts. When we set up a tank, we're in it for the long run! What are your favorite brands, what can you rely on? I am not askin...
door JensenBreck
09 okt 2017, 16:27
Forum: Cichliden
Onderwerp: Neolamprologus helianthus
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Neolamprologus helianthus

Hello, I have a pair of Neolamprologus helianthus (Sunflower) and thinking of moving them to a 60gal 48"L tank with a group of Synodontis catfish. How well would the synodontis thrive once the Sunflower's start breeding? Would feeding cause any problems as I like to use auto feeders? I didn't find t...